Sunday, November 25, 2012

The Waiting Game

This is just a quick public shout out to everyone who sent in their writing to us. The project is taking new and exciting shapes, we cannot wait to see where it goes.

If you've sent us a complete piece, you should have definitely heard back from us already. If not, please shoot a quick email our way to see if something got lost in cyberspace. 

We've had a few questions coming in about whether or not there will be an opportunity to submit and how the project is progressing. 

If you have an idea for a piece that you think cannot be left out, the best thing to do is send us an email ASAP. 

As for how things are going, we are in the review process for most pieces. Some authors have already sent revisions in, other authors are still waiting to get drafts and feedback returned to them on our side. Volunteer projects can be slow ones, but we cannot wait to see this through until we have a manuscript to show for it. 

Thank you for all the messages of support, this project would not be possible without so many people coming together to advertise the call for submissions, sending material in to us, and reviewing the submissions.